Offering healthcare leaders clear strategies and principles to improve the quality of care

Our focus

The Zero Suicide Institute of Australasia (ZSIA) is leading the development of the Zero Suicide Healthcare and Crisis Now frameworks in our region. These global initiatives focus on the relentless pursuit of excellence to reduce suicides and improve the care for those who choose to seek help.​


ZSIA works with healthcare systems to enhance the quality and safety of those who are suicidal and come into contact with our healthcare and hospital systems.

Zero Suicide Healthcare

Zero Suicide Healthcare is a worldwide emergent transformative approach that drives healthcare systems to continually improve the quality of care.

In 2019, the Rotterdam International Declaration for Zero Suicide Healthcare was published.

Crisis Now

Crisis Now can radically transform mental health services with four core integrated elements.

Good crisis care prevents suicide and provides help for those in distress. It cuts the cost of care, reduces the need for psychiatric acute care, hospital emergency department visits and overuse of police resources.