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Crisis Now: transforming crisis services

Timely and appropriate supports are the first line of mental health care. When fully ­realised, they reduce the demand for inpatient beds which provide essential backup when psychiatric needs cannot be met in the community.​ Four core elements provide the optimal continuum of care:

  1. Regional or statewide crisis call centres coordinating in real time  

  2. Centrally deployed, 24/7 mobile crisis

  3. Short-term, “sub-acute” residential crisis stabilisation programs  

  4. Essential crisis care principles and practices 

Review the Crisis Now flow of services here

Crisis Now Framework

Crisis call centres

Use technology for real-time coordination across a system of care and leverage big data for performance improvement.

Mobile crisis teams

Offer outreach and support where people in crisis are located. Response times are agreed contractually.

Short-stay stabilisation units

Short-term “sub-acute” care for individuals who need support and observation, but not emergency department or medical inpatient stay.

Essential crisis care

Recovery orientation, trauma-informed care, peer staff, commitment to Zero Suicide/Suicide Safer Care and collaboration with law enforcement.