Introducing Zero Suicide Healthcare online learning

Watch this two minute video to introduce the content for ZSIA's six online learning modules.

Interested to learn more about Zero Suicide Healthcare? Register here to gain access to the  introductory online course. The six modules aim to provide health services with a basic understanding of the approach and factors to consider when planning implementation.

Audience for online training

The course is open to any person interested in leading the Zero Suicide Healthcare approach. The health service should establish an implementation team with both clinical and non-clinical staff and co-chaired by a member with lived experience of suicide alongside health service leadership.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the modules the health service will:

  1. Understand and be able to apply the principles of
    co-design to develop a local action plan

  2. Have analysed and considered how to incorporate the elements into work practices and prioritise actions for the health service

  3. Be aware of the range of resources available to support the co-design of a workplan for implementation.

Structure of the online workshops

Each of the six modules includes some reading and/or activity. It is estimated that the time to complete the full program is approximately 3 hours or an average of 30 minutes per module. 

Additional resources to support Zero Suicide Healthcare implementation

The US based Zero Suicide Institute has a wealth of resources to help design and implement a Zero Suicide Healthcare approach. 

Australian resources to support implementation

On this page you will find additional Australian resources that build on the toolkit from the US and are designed to help health services understand and plan for Zero Suicide Healthcare implementation.

Videos and webinars

The video series below showcases Australian experts discussing the seven elements of the Zero Suicide Healthcare framework and considerations to address when implementing systems change.


Building a restorative, just and learning culture

This infographic explains the importance of developing a restorative, just and learning culture as an underpinning of the Zero Suicide Healthcare approach.

View the latest webinar on Zero Suicide  Healthcare and a Restorative Just Culture: the Gold Coast Experience










Insights from people bereaved by suicide 


The Illawarra Shoalhaven Suicide Prevention Collaborative share some important insights from those bereaved by suicide. Valuable resource for all who are working in suicide prevention. You can view them here.


Providing health service staff with training in suicide and its prevention is an important part of ZSH implementation. View online at Life In Mind or the PDF version ZSH Directory of Training programs.

Evaluation Framework

Explore the outcomes you are seeking to achieve with ZSH implementation. 

Want more information to plan your ZSH approach? Purchase the full Evaluation Framework with outcomes, actions and measures.

In this webinar we explain the background to Zero Suicide Healthcare and discuss the evaluation framework and its components.

Zero Suicide Healthcare and a Restorative Just Culture: the Gold Coast experience

Zero Suicide Healthcare and a Restorative Just Culture: the Gold Coast experience

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Videos supporting Zero Suicide Healthcare


Integral to system transformation is lived expertise. Pain and distress must be acknowledged in a timely, respectful and caring manner.


The Gold Coast Mental Health and Specialist Services began the journey to Zero Suicide Healthcare in 2015. It was ambitious and required open and frank conversations.