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ZSIA supports health services to join the Zero Suicide Healthcare global movement and embark on this quality improvement approach.


The seven elements of the Zero Suicide Healthcare framework ensures those who are using the service will have a better experience. Suicidality is discussed openly, treated directly and managed in a least restrictive, recovery-oriented way. As they transition through the system they have chosen, no person falls through the cracks. 

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Resources to help you get started
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Who is the audience for the modules 

The course is open to any person interested in the Zero Suicide Healthcare framework. When implementing this approach health services should establish a multi-disciplinary team with both clinical and non-clinical staff and co-chaired by a member who has lived experience of suicide alongside health service leadership.

What can I expect to learn?

At the conclusion of the modules the health service will:

  1. Understand and be able to apply the principles of

  2. Have analysed and considered how to incorporate the elements into work practices and prioritise actions for the health service

  3. Be aware of the range of resources available to support the co-design of a workplan for implementation

How are the modules organised?

Each of the six modules includes some reading and/or activity. It is estimated that the time to complete the full program is approximately 3 hours or an average of 30 minutes per module. At the conclusion of each module additional resources to support teams with implementation are listed. These are not required reading but may be useful when designing and delivering the Zero Suicide approach.

In addition to the wide range of resources available on the US Zero Suicide Institute website you can explore a range of Australian developed resources that will help you understand and plan for implementing Zero Suicide Healthcare